Thursday 2 April 2009

Mice To Have Known You.

Could it be that the humble mice has had it's day? With the iPhone, rumors of a touch screen netbook and the increasing sophistication of Apple MacBook track pads, it's clear that Apple are headed in one direction only when it comes to input methods. And it's been an interesting few days here at The MacDoctor, with iMacs giving way to new Aluminum MacBooks as the primary work machines.

Once you begin to make full use of all the new touchpads have to offer, it's a tad frustrating going back to the humble, if mighty mouse. Used in combination with Spaces and a hot corner activation of Spaces, we've found a real productivity boost when moving between our daily diet of Mail, iCal, Blogo, Safari, Skype & iChat.

It can take a little getting use to for certain clients, but it's well worth the perseverance. Again, Apples own video demonstration does a better job of explaining the possibilities of the Trackpad than we could here. And don't forget you get video demonstrations of the various techniques you can enable, built right in to the System Preference Trackpad Pane itself.

Just a final two thoughts. Will we in future see Apple keyboards for the iMac coming with built in touchpads? Or is all this swipe and pinch and drag going to end up on screen? Until then, we're loving our new pads.

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