Wednesday 8 April 2009

iPhoto's Missing Feature

We've had the same experience 3 times this week here at The MacDoctor. Clients progressing well with their course of tuition and loving the Mac platform more and more, finding a rather surprising flaw in iPhoto. The inability to publish a SlideShow direct to their MobileMe Gallery. The solution to an experienced Mac user isn't that difficult of course, and simply involves first exporting the slideshow from iPhoto and using iMovie to publish the resulting Quicktime movie to MobileMe. But for a recent switcher or novice just getting the feel of iPhoto, it makes no sense at all and a trip into iMovie can seem confusing at best.

So a brief but heartfelt plea to Apple and the iPhoto team. Sort it out girls and boys. You loose the confidence of new users when an apparently obvious feature is missing and the solution is long winded and unintuitive to say the least.

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