Saturday 18 April 2009

Current Mac Affairs.

We're often asked here at The MacDoctor how we stay on top and in touch with all the latest news and developments in the Apple & Mac world. The answer is pretty straight forward; reading, on a daily basis, a handful of Apple news websites and subscribing to a pick of Apple based Podcasts.

And for clients wanting to stay a little more abreast themselves we recommend the podcast route. It's straight forward, manageable and less time consuming than scouring websites and subscribing to RSS feeds. With that in mind we thought we'd simply list and very briefly discuss the podcasts we reccomend to clients.

First off is Adam Christianson's long running weekly MacCast. A great one stop shop for catching up on the latest news, answers to listeners questions, reviews of products and services and generally keeping in touch with all things Apple & Macintosh.

Second is the ever excellent Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab. No news here but a fantastic source of answers and diagnosis for common and not so common Apple & Mac problems. Dave Hamilton & John F Braun are the genial hosts and experts in residence and we're not afraid to say, many's the time we've learnt something new and valuable ourselves here at The MacDoctor from this great podcast.

And third would be MacBreak Weekly, brought to you by Leo Laporte and the gang. More a discussion of Apple in general but also featuring software and hardware picks of the week.

There's plenty more Apple & Mac based podcasts out there, all free to subscribe to direct from the iTunes Store. But as a starting point our three picks should keep you in the Apple loop and help you learn a little more about your favorite machine. Happy listening.

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