Wednesday 1 April 2009

Blogo The Great!

This unassuming little geek bunny has changed our lives for the better here at The MacDoctor. After originally downloading the demo to ascertain it's blogging potential, we quickly fell in love with it's abilities as a Twitter client. And when we finally did get around to it's blogging prowess, well, it become one of the motivating factors in resurrecting this very MacDoctor blog.

This $25 app from Drink Brain Juice, is probably the most user friendly and deceptively powerful blogging tool we've found. We still give the heavyweight title to Red Sweater Software's excellent MarsEdit, but for sheer ease of use and Mac like UI, Blogo takes our 'recommend to wanna be blogger clients' award.

The full featured 21 day trial will do a much better job of explaining the app than we can. Or perhaps check out the screencasts provided by Drink Brain Juice themselves. You'll really get an insight into exactly how quick and easy Blogo is to use, if not a full idea of it's potential power and adaptability.

But do, do try out Blogo as a Twitter client. You'd be surprised how powerful it is. We find it particularly useful when working with 2 or more Twitter accounts simultaneously in the single Microblog viewer.

There's undoubtedly much more to come from Blogo and the Drink Brain Juice boys & girls. But what an amazing start with version 1.2. So from all at The MacDoctor, long live Blogo, King of Killer Blogging Bunnies!

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