Tuesday 21 September 2010

MobileMe Troubleshooting at me.com.

As we've discovered for ourselves and on behalf of our clients, there's clearly been sync problems for Apple's MobileMe service in recent days. And as fantastic as the service is, there will always come a time when a little troubleshooting and perhaps a reset is in order. But what's been brought home to us in the last few days over at The MacDoctor, is how much simpler life would be if Apple would simply provide a few troubleshooting tools over on their revamped me.com website.

You can discover for yourself over at Apple's online support section, exactly how to reset sync data for your MobileMe account. But it involves making changes on each machine and user account connected to a MobileMe account. We're surprised Apple have yet to include a simple option on their web interface to reset sync data globally from one central place. Even an indication of which devices are currently sync'ed to a specific account would be an improvement.

As resetting your sync data can have dramatic results if not done correctly, it would be prudent for Apple to attach multiple warning dialogs to any such ability. But we can't help but feel handing a little more control over to users would be of benefit to MobilMe subscribers and a huge release on Apple's excellent mobileme chat support infrastructure.

MobileMe's sync abilities alone, are for many, worth the annual subscription. Once experienced the service becomes something that's difficult to live without. An needless to say any interruption of service is quite unnerving and frustrating. Handing back a little control will be a good thing for all concerned.

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