Wednesday 29 September 2010

MobileMe iDisk & iOS.

The last few days have seen updates to Apple's iWork Apps for the iPad; Pages, Numbers & Keynote. Alongside useful file type handling improvements and the usual bounty of feature & UI tweaks, the most important addition to the suite has been the ability to read and write direct to a MobileMe iDisk. This allows for simple transfer and editing of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents, between Mac's, PC's and iOS devices.

Here at The MacDoctor, we spend a lot of time helping clients find solutions and products that will help them manage data transfer, manipulation and sync, across desktop, laptop and iOS devices. And it's been as surprising to us, as it has to many, why Apple didn't make MobileMe's iDisk a native cloud service, available at an API level for all Apps on the platform, from day one. Perhaps this is indeed the start of such a move, and something the platform badly needs. For while DropBox, GoodReader and several other Apps make a stab at providing some form of native file system, it's more realistic to believe Apple would offer their own service to be addressed at an API level first. At a stroke, it provides more fluid movement and transfer of data between the sand boxed Apps on iOS devices.

So who'd of 'thunk' it; iDisk is dead, long live iDisk!

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