Thursday 24 September 2009

Come On In, The Water's Lovely!

Here at The MacDoctor, a recurring task is switching long term PC users over to the Mac platform. Once the hard work is done it's a rewarding experience to see clients realise just how productive they can be on the Mac platform and just how unproductive the PC has been for them. But this isn't really a PC bashing moment, more just a quick word of advice for those considering the shift.The common mistake switchers make is in trying to get the Mac to behave as a PC. And the more they cling to the familiar PC work flow and interface, the more painful and slow the transition. You're making the switch for a reason right? And that reason is normally an inkling that your daily computer experience should be more rewarding and hassle free than it currently seems on a PC. So let go, take a deep breath and learn to start again. It's honestly the best advice we give any switcher.

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