Thursday 18 April 2013

Play+ for YouTube

Screen Shot 2013 04 18 at 19 37 00

For all you heavy YouTube users out there, here's a better way to access and interact with all that footage than the standard browser view. The MacDoctor has been playing with a desktop app called Play+. Available from the App Store for the promotional price of £1.49 (usual price £4.99).

By opting for HTML5 video over flash, the app launches video faster and is surrounded by less ads and banners. Annotations are hidden by default allowing you to get on with watching the content instead of swatting away annoying pop-ups. Video quality is automatically optimised for window size. You can search for other videos while you watch the current video, view full screen and sync with your YouTube account.

And presented with thumbnail clips of the current video, you can quickly and accurately scrub through content.

A real must for YouTube fanatics. Let us know what you think.

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