Thursday 25 April 2013

Are We There Yet?

Windows 7 tips

More tips and tricks from The MacDoctor. And this one is for both iPhones & iPads and Macs running 10.8 and Apple's Reminder App. It's much undervalued with everyone spending theie hard earned pennies on third party apps. But Apple's humble offering has a great feature few know exists or make use of, and that's reminding you of something not at a date or time but rather at a location.

Using the location savvy nature of your iPhone, iPad or Macbook, Reminders becomes the spare brain you've always dreamed of. Well, the nagging, reminding type of brain at least. At the supermarket and forget to buy milk? Never again. Leave the office and forget to take home the flowers? Not anymore.

So, simply create a new reminder in one of your lists and pressing the 'i' information button lock it to remind you at a location instead of a date. It can either remind you when you arrive at a location or leave a location.

Inspired and humorous uses please...


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